“When I was a child at the age of twelve I loved to paint and luck wanted me to have a professional painter's neighbor I was always with her to learn. I also understood that I could sell my paintings and did not waste time. I managed to earn the first money I used to buy my first electric bass and formed my band.”  

Paolo Palazzoli was born in Crema, Italy on 27 October 1963.  He began to paint at the age of 12, experimenting with oil painting.  His art, like his life, has been inspired by a mystical, spiritual quest which translates into a gentle, refined painting style.  His works are present in private collections in Italy, America, China, Germany and Australia.


"The first memory I have painting is with my mother when I was around two or three years old. It was something that always came naturally to me. In college I majored in graphic design and advertising. Shortly after I went to interior design school, which taught the impacts of design and art throughout history. I come to fall in love with the process and found great value in it. That kind of veered me towards experimenting with abstract mediums."