Artist Collaboration

PBC creates each collection in collaboration with various artists, portraying each artists work in a new way-- printed on fabric. Each PBC print is selected exclusively with the artist and produced using a rolling style print to allow each bathing suit to be unique.  Our mission is to promote the work of talented artists and maintain the quality and individuality of their work in our pieces. 

One of One

Every PBC bathing suit is unique. They were all cut from a rolling print of an original artwork we hand selected. Each bikini captures a different piece of the painting. Making every single product we create one of one. 

Made in Brazil

Our suits are produced in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and made of 100% Brazilian lycra material.  The soft and silk like texture is smooth to the touch while hugging the curves of the body.  We chose to manufacture in Brazil as it has a long reputation for consistently setting the standard for swimwear design, style and quality. 

About Us

Splitting our time between Hawaii and Southern California, the beach was where our family spent the most time. The ocean was our happy place, we always felt best in the sand soaking up the sun in our bikinis. At age 19 I began studying fashion design in Italy for three years. After I graduated, I came to a cross roads of pursuing design in high fashion for large luxury companies or fast fashion. After some soul searching I realized being with family at the beach appreciating everything nature has to offer brings me the most joy. I wanted to continue pursuing my passion for design in a way I felt most authentically reflected me. After a conversation with my mom, the idea of Poppy Beach Club was born, a resort-wear/bikini company for every one who calls the beach home.  My mother is a huge patron to the arts and wanted to incorporate her love for discovering up and coming artist with our designs. Our goal is to create pieces that truly no one else has. We want to make sure that we truly represent the artist in a way where their beautiful creations get maximum exposure in order to share more of their wonderful work with all of you. We hope you love our products as much as we do and we hope to catch you at the beach club soon!